nepal, april 13 2017

(nepal: part 11) thirteen


the real journey is home to hug a mother who never gets out of prayer for her child. thousand of steps i got out of my fear of dreams that i have always felt and could now be touched by my footing on a very strange land. the little child in me whispered “i missed my mother embrace”. the morning air touched my cheek, very cold, my body shivered, thirteen smiled at the edge of my bed. i have been six days walking with my silence, approached thirteen, through his bushy annapurna forest. thirteen asked me, how many steps have you taken to approach me so far away? you are already at an altitude 3200 m.a.s.l (10,498 feet), your face is always excited never change. definitly, you are very tired of your question to me. you talking to me, “life is a journey my darling friend” without a journey, you dont feel the meaning of tired, sick, happy, meet many kindness, unfortunely, share your experience, meet be yourself, from a journey you could it many feel. dont wasted your life in one box, stand up, see the world. hear the wind, touch your step, life is not an escape, but life is a stop for you to think.



walking in the middle of the modi kola valley, only me and my shadows without another people. follow the flow of river valley. i shouted to the wind and the steam of the river about myself and my search, i talking to valley “this is my dream for approach you”. i keep walking towards manchapuchre base camp, already 10 hours im walking, contemplating and grasping thirteen, im grateful for many chance for my life. living is just this once. and i will keep going for a lot of out there.

for the god and thirteen, thank u so much. thank you for the protection wherever i am.

for thirteen, thank you for choosing me to accompany you and waiting for you, this journey is a present  from me to you.

happy birthday my soul, thirteen and april..



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