Nepal, april 12th 2017

(Nepal : part 10) Wandering

Hello journeys, my old friends. how are you? i want to tell you. about one day before later i meet april, this day i still in the middle annapurna forest, this my 5 day walking the annapurna valleys. the silence enveloped this journey, i saw many foreign faces including myself so strange, i could not see the shadows of myself clearly, there is very long longing that i so far, the journey take me to another point, the point where i want to mature from a journey. no im that gifts myself with the journey, but it was the journey that gift me with the many things i had to learn from every steps and meet with the many fears i had to face, interpret various other colors of the many diferences that i do, i want to dive various essence fill my limitation by learning many things that i dont know, writing journey so that i dont forget my process as a human being who wants to always learn.


waterfall at modi kola valley

the journey will given me a lesson of various insight. i want to grow and live with the journey. i learn about annapurna, annapurna valley range of the himalaya mountains various ethnic nepali can be meet in here.The trail passes along paddy fields and into subtropical forests, several waterfalls and gigantic cliffs, and various villages. Annapurna Circuit has often been voted as the best long distance trek in the world, as it combined, in its old full form, a wide variety of climate zones from tropics at 600 m asl to the arctic at 5416 m asl at the Thorong La pass and cultural variety from Hindu villages at the low foothills to the Tibetan culture of Manang Valley and lower Mustang. Continuing construction of a road has shortened the trail and changed the villages With construction of the road, mountain biking is becoming popular, with Mustang in particular is becoming one of the world’s most popular mountain biking destinations.


child in annapurna valley

i want to keep growth from the journey and learn from it.


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